Bluestacks for Mac OS X

The definition of the BlueStacks App Player is called the Android application device, running on LayerCake technology. It provides the optimal environment for the functioning of ARM-add-ons for Android on a PC that has the operating system Mac OS X or Windows. The program is quite large, although at first glance it looks modest. This Android-device for applications makes it possible to run the program in window mode or full-screen resolution.

The solution is available to the maximum number of users due to linguistic diversity. The program has a translation into 12 languages. Download Bluestacks for Mac OS X can be completely free from the official website. With the application, your computer will be able to install, for example, WhatsApp. Also in the very near future developers are planning to enter the support of Linux operating systems.

The first run after installing the program may cause the computer to hang. Be prepared for this and immediately keep everything important. Take this as a forced reboot, which is part of the installation process.

Basic functions of the player BlueStacks Mac OS:

  • Android applications run in both full and window format;
  • Programs are downloaded from the phone through the cloud on Mac OS X or Windows;
  • The player has 16 preinstalled applications that can be used when there is no phone;
  • It is possible to install an unlimited number of applications;
  • There is the possibility of 3D games;
  • If you prefer, you can install the home screen Launcher instead of the standard one;
  • The synchronization function with your personal Android device will give you the opportunity to make calls, send sms, take photos and perform many other actions;
  • Has the settings and settings of the Android system, although somewhat limited;
  • Installs the application from the computer with one click.

And a little about the hidden capabilities of the player.

  • The Bluestacks Mac device has the ability to get full access to the file system and other applications;
  • If you prefer, Google Play is easy to install;
  • Excellent combination with ADB, which is very beneficial if you need or want to change the firmware;
  • Ability to visit FastBoot and Recovery;
  • Also, the player is equipped with a virtual disk, such as SD card, Data, and others.

This gives it a wide range of additional uses. You can install any application or messenger in the emulator, for example, install Whatsapp on Bluestacks.